Outdoor Bus Shelter


We are supplying the above items according the customers requirement of Quality, Concept and Design. These items are also suitable for various conferences, seminars, exhibitions, schools, colleges, institutes and corporate sector industries. We provide the largest variety of print substrates from flex / vinyl to carpets, 3D prints, PVC mesh and all backlit materials. We are taking into consideration about the colors, their dynamic range for each print to deliver dazzaling, striling prints for your brands. Unique Product for use in show rooms or exhibitions. It is free standing banner stand that scrolls in both directions as per your Requirement. Easy to change graphics and very portable despite 6.5 ft ht, Comes with a sturdy carry case. Technical Specifications Over all size of the scroller: (22″x33″)(30”x42”)( 36”x48”) Size of display window:(16.5″x28″(24”x36”)(30”x42”) film size & type:Technova digital printing on HP (M/C) No of films used at a time: 10 Nos Time for Scroller can run:18 Hours Continuously

Outdoor scroller

 1  47” x 71”  46”x68”  6
Technical Specification
  • Total aluminum bodypower coated
  • High Speed DC motors
  • Easy to replace picture
  • Micro controller based electronics card SPDE sysyem
  • Back side ACP sheet
  • Motor & Light Swich ON/OFF system
  • Timing setting 1 second to 99 second
  • Remote control for setting of time for individual poster For Ex-Static
  • Automatic scroller length measuring no need mechanical setup
  • Frount cover hydraulic aluminum casing
  • No need to sticker or any other affix on poster
  • Handheld programmer allows users to easily setup the number of posters and exposure wind and unwind the scroll, monitor the operation status and alter other settings. time ,wind and unwind the scroller, monitor the operation status and alter other setting

Outdoor scroller

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The offered Outdoor scroller is offered in various sizes, shapes and designs as per the specific requirements of clients